Meeting of Leasing Association of Uzbekistan dedicated to the results of 2023

On February 7, 2024, the meeting of the Leasing Association of Uzbekistan, dedicated to the results of 2023 via video link was held. During the meeting, the results of the reporting period were summarized and further tasks and priorities for the development of the leasing market in our country were identified.

By the end of 2023, there are about 150 players in the leasing services market of the republic, of which about 40 lessors were actively engaged in leasing activities. The total portfolio of leasing operations for the reporting period amounted to almost 7.4 trillion UZS. During the reporting period, the lessors made more than 7,500 new leasing deals, their volume amounted to almost 4 trillion UZS, which is 26% more compared to the same period in 2022.

According to the results of the year, agricultural machinery is the leader among the facilities leased, the share of which in the total structure of leasing deals amounted to 36.6%. In second place there is motor transport, which amounted for 27.0%, and the share of construction machinery and equipment – 17.5%. In turn, the indicators of leasing of technological equipment decreased and amounted to 13.3%. The volume of deals related to leasing of real estate amounted to 5.7%.

During the period under review, the market leaders among the lessors are FE “Micro Leasing” LLC (742.5 billion UZS), «Uzbek Leasing International A.O.» JSC (604.7 billion UZS), «Orient Finance» PJSCB (434.3 billion UZS), «Uzagroleasing» JSC (414.9 billion UZS) and “Autosanoat Agro Leasing” LLC (353.3 billion UZS).

In new leasing deals carried out during 2023, the largest share among the regions is occupied by Tashkent city — 23.3%, the second and third places are occupied by the Samarkand region and Namangan region –13.0% and 8.9%, respectively.

In his presentation, the Chairman of the Leasing Association of Uzbekistan, Zafar Mustafaev, noted the problems of the leasing industry such as: the growth of non-repayment of leasing among customers, the delay in court cases and the seizure of leasing facilities, lack of resources and their rise in price, the presence of unscrupulous car leasing companies on the market, as well as the lack of high-quality analytical material regarding to the leasing industry. At the end of the presentation, in order to overcome the challenges and problems of the industry, the following suggestions were given on the formation of the image of the leasing market, which should be paid attention to by the  leasing companies:

  • Strengthening risk management and fraud prevention;
  • IT and integration with public services;
  • Unified news info field on leasing operations;
  • Code of Ethics of the leasing company;
  • Preparation and completion of the questionnaire on the industry;
  • Accounting in accordance with the IFRS and external audit.

Among the invited speakers were the audit and consulting companies such as: «FCS Experts» and «RSM Uzbekistan»; the Professor of Practice at ADA University, the certified professional in the field of project management (PMP), the business coach and consultant from Azerbaijan, Mr. Jeyhun Mammadbayli was invited as well.


The full version of the presentation is available at the link:

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