Training seminar in Baku, Azerbaijan

From April 21 to April 28, 2024, the Leasing Association of Uzbekistan, together with PM Academy, organizes a training seminar for leasing companies, commercial banks and insurance organizations on the topic: “Fundamentals of Project Management” from a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Professor of Practice at ADA University, a certified professional in the field of project management (PMP), business trainer and consultant from Azerbaijan, Mr. Jeyhun Mammadbayli.

The purpose of the seminar is to assist management personnel of leasing and insurance companies, banks in improving the project management system and their successful implementation using modern techniques.

The following topics will be covered at the training seminar:

•Project management;
•Organizational strategy and projects;
•Project stakeholders;
•Assessment and selection of projects;
•Scope of the project;
•Project team and management;
•Project schedule and budget management;
•Project risks and countermeasures;
•Monitoring and control of the project;
•AGILE project management;
•Closing the project.

In addition, a cultural program will be organized at the seminar, including introducing participants to the unique Azerbaijani culture, cuisine and attractions of the city of Baku. You will find educational excursions filled with the rich history of local culture, fascinating cultural and traditional events and the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of hospitality of this amazing country.

Don’t miss the chance not only to enrich yourself professionally, but also to plunge into the fascinating world of the Azerbaijani people!

If participants are interested and for more detailed information, please contact the Leasing Association of Uzbekistan by numbers: (+99890) 036-35-50, (+99870) 120-02-02 or email:

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