Membership in the Association

Lessors Association Membership is voluntary and includes the following categories:


legal entities, that have founded the Association, who made contributions to the foundation in the amount and manner established by the General Meeting of the Association. Founders become members of the Association after its state registration from the moment of paying constituent contributions.

To date, the founders of the Association are JV Uzbek Leasing International AO and ZAMIN-INVEST LLC.

Associate members

these can be any legal entity recognized the Charter of the Association, who made an entrance fee in accordance with the constituent documents of the Association and the resolutions of the General Meeting of the Association approved at the time of entry.

Honorary Members

these may be local and international commercial and non-profit organizations that have recognized the Charter of Association, joined the Association by the decision of the Coordinating Council. Honorary members of the Association do not pay membership fees, but they have the right to do so. Honorary members have all the rights of members of the Association, except the right to participate at the General Meeting of the Association.