All roads lead to Samarkand…

All roads lead to Samarkand…


In order to develop leasing market in regions of Uzbekistan, apply various instruments of promotion and positioning of leasing as an advantageous financial tool, the Lessors Association of Uzbekistan has initiated regional leasing fairs.

This initiative has been supported in Samarkand region and the First Regional Leasing Fair will be held in Samarkand city on 3 December this year. It will draw lessors (leasing companies and banks), producers and suppliers of equipment and special machinery (including foreign companies) and entrepreneurs of Samarkand region.

The fair will serve as a trading platform for making mutually beneficial decisions to all the participants of the region’s leasing market. The leasing fair will give a chance to increase the portfolio of orders and conclude agreements for the supply of equipment, as well as leasing services with the Samarkand region businessmen.

The guests and participants will be provided during the fair with presentations of the participants. The event will be held in the Center of Olympic Reserves Training in Samarkand at: 243, Rudakiy Street.

Welcome to the Regional Leasing Fair!

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