Representatives of Uzbekistan Lessors Association participated in the 4th Annual Congress of Russia’s Leasing Network

Representatives of Uzbekistan Lessors Association participated in the 4th Annual Congress of Russia’s Leasing Network


At the event Uzbekistan Lessors Association was represented by Uzbek Leasing International A.O. Deputy Director General Yusupov B. S.

The Annual Congress of Russia’s Leasing Network in St. Petersburg on May 26 was organized by United Leasing Association jointly with the Confederation of the European Leasing Associations. The General Partner of the Congress was GazProm Leasing LC, the Partner – Baltic Leasing Group of Companies.

The Annual Congress is one of the main events of Russia’s Leasing Network, which sets priorities to address current issues and develops the areas for future development

The Congress was attended by 95 representatives of 71 Russian leasing companies, the Association of North-West Banks, leasing associations of Belarus and Uzbekistan, Subcommittee on Financial Markets of Leasing Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representatives of international consulting companies and firms, in total 95 participants.

Among the speakers and moderators at the Congress were the leading leasing companies in Russia and its strategic partners: Gazprombank Leasing, Baltic Leasing, Expert RA, Sberbank Leasing, Rosfinmonitoring, DLL Leasing LC, KAMAZ LC, Siemens Finance,Sberbank of Russia,Rreiffeisen Leasing, MSP Bank, BDO Group,Pepelyayev Group, Noerr,RESO-Leasing, ALD, ARVAL, AXELIT, RAF-Leasing LC, Interleasing LC, Belfin LC, Technoleasing LC.

Kirkorova Nelya Ivanovna

Completed graduate studies at the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Economic Cybernetics at the Institute of Economics. Defended her thesis on «Areas of optimization of the production program of an enterprise.» Worked in the Central Research, Design and Technology Institute of organization and management techniques, as senior engineer at All-Union Scientific Research and Design Institute of Statistical Information System, as senior researcher, head of the department of the economic-mathematical modeling of economic systems. Specialized in setting goals, developing a functional configuration of automated enterprise management systems. In the period 1974-1992 introduced more than 20 innovations into large enterprises of the country.

Has been engaged from 1994 to the present time in the development and implementation of IT-systems into ​​financial leasing as a methodologist and director of the Applied Systems. From 1994 to 1997 led the research group of the financial leasing in an unstable economy at Belarusian Union of Lessors. Created information systems for leasing companies on 1C, Lotus, FoxPro platforms, based on the developed methodologies leasing company financial management. Since 2000, together with Alexei Kirkorov developed, implemented and used the System of financial management of the leasing company on the basis of Excel, Assess 1C Enterprise 7.7. In 2003, developed and implemented the System of budgeting on the platform Intaleva’s program in the leasing holding «Capital Center». In 2006, developed Information system of automation «SQ-Leasing» LC which includes the accounting/tax accounting subsystem, scheduling, long-term financial planning, including in the budget format. The system is implemented in 15 leasing companies. In 2008, together with «1C-Rarus» software «control system leasing company (holding company),» was developed which since September 2009 has been upgraded and implemented on «Kibit» LLC  platform. Software product implements an original system of financial management of leasing company. System «1C-8: Managing the leasing company (group of companies),» is Currently used by «Promtehlizing» LLC — 1st Edition (group of companies «National Reserve Corporation»), JSC «Leasing System 24» (group of companies VTB- 24), JSC «Open Leasing Company» (the group of companies «PromSvyazBank»), SC «Premier Leasing», management unit has been introduced in the JSC «SBERBANK LEASING», management unit introduced and module» Accounting and taxation operating in test mode at CJSC «BUSINESS ALLIANCE», in trial mode at SC «Urallizing.»

List of seminars in Tashkent

October 2014 – It is planned to conduct training for employees of leasing companies.

November 14-15, 2013 — «Risk Management in leasing companies» and «Receivables foreclosure process on leasing projects before trial, trial and post-trial actions.»

September 26-28, 2012 — «Methodology of financial management of the leasing company and its reflection in IT — system.»

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