About Leasing Association of Uzbekistan

About Leasing Association of Uzbekistan


At the initiative of «Uzbek Leasing International AO» Company and many other lessors — leasing companies and commercial banks — the Uzbekistan Lessors Association was established and officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan on April 15, 2005. The main goal of creating the Association is the expansion and active development of the leasing services market in Uzbekistan.

Currently, the Association performs a huge range of tasks that contributes to the development of the activities of the leasing market participants, namely through the relevant state institutions it assists in improving the regulatory framework governing leasing services in Uzbekistan in accordance with international standards; provides conditions for new and profitable cooperation by holding International Conferences and Forums, seminar-trainings aimed at improving knowledge in the field of leasing; engaged in promotion and advertising in order to position members of the association in foreign publications such as World Leasing Yearbook, Central Asia Finance, etc.

Considering the importance of the development of the leasing sector and its role in the economy of our country, we believe that cooperation between all participants in the leasing market — leasing companies, commercial banks, lessees, insurance organizations, suppliers of equipment, construction equipment, etc. — will be an opportunity for further qualitative expansion of the market of leasing services in Uzbekistan. For this noble purpose, on July 19, 2019, the General Meeting of Members of Uzbekistan Lessors Association (TIN: 205620540) decided to change the name from “Uzbekiston Lizing beruvchilar Uyushmasi” (Uzbekistan Lessors Association) to “Uzbekiston Lizing Uyushmasi” (Uzbekistan Leasing Association). The changes were registered by the Public Services Agency under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan — Certificate with registration number No. 25 dated August 23, 2019.

Currently, the members of the Leasing Association of Uzbekistan are represented by the following organizations: Joint Stock Company “Uzbek Leasing International A. O.” , “Asaka Trans Leasing” LLC, “Baraka Universal Leasing Kompaniyasi” LLC, “China Leasing Group” LLC, “Feron Leasing” LLC, “InFinLeasing” LLC,  JSCB “Ipak Yuli”, “Nano Lizing Kompaniyasi” LLC, “Uzavtosanoat-Leasing” LLC, “Qurilish-Leasing” LLC, Joint Stock Company “Respublika Ixtisoslashtirilgan Lizing Kompaniyasi Qurilishmash Lizing”, “Taiba Leasing” LLC, “Trust Leasing” LLC, PJSB “Trustbank”, Joint Stock Company “UzMed-Leasing”, State Unitary Enterprise “Uzmeliomash lizing”, “Premier Class Leasing” LLC, “West Techno Leasing” LLC, “Tezkor Invest” LLC, “Avto Lider Lising” LLC,  “Orient Invest Group” LLC, “Hamkormazlizing” LLC, “Hamkor Invest lizing” LLC, “Leazing and Rent Gulistan” LLC, “Mogo Lend” LLC, “Ideal leazing Unit” LLC, “Aloqalizing” LLC, Joint Stock Company “Uzagrolizing”, “Artum Leasing Group” LLC.


Legal address of Leasing Association of Uzbekistan:

Tashkent city, Yunusabad district, Amir Temur street, 88А

Tel.: (+998 78) 120-02-02, fax: (+998 78) 140-97-74


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