Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2017

Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2017


Date: from 06-SEP-17 to 08-SEP-17
City: Tashkent
14th Central Asian International Specialized Exhibition — «Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2017»

Venue: Uzexpocentre
Site of the organizer: www.textileexpo.uz

About Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2017:

From 6 to 8 September 2017 the 14th Central Asian International Specialized Exhibition — «Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2017» will be held in UzExpoCenter.

The Central Asian International Exhibition “Textile Expo Uzbekistan” is a part of a series of specialized textile and fashion exhibitions held by I.T.E. Exhibitions & Conferences Ltd. and its partners in Europe and the CIS countries, including such professional industrial exhibitions as MODA UK (the UK), Bubble London (the UK), SibFair / Siberian Fashion Week (Russian Federation) and others.

At present this Exhibition is the only specialized trade exhibition for textiles and fashion in Uzbekistan with international professional participants and visitors.

The Special Buyer Program has been launched since 2011 to attract professional visitors – wholesale and retails buyers and customers willing to purchase Uzbek textile products and place orders in Uzbekistan.

Potential of the Uzbek textile and fashion market

The Republic of Uzbekistan occupies vast territories in the very middle of Central Asia and in the «heart» of the Great Silk Road. The population of Central Asia exceeds 57 mln., over 28 mln. of which reside in Uzbekistan, the biggest consumer market in the region.

Light industry of Uzbekistan, particularly textiles manufacturing sector is being considered one of the most strategically important and rapidly growing sectors of national economy. Being the country with its own substantial raw cotton stocks, Uzbekistan launches the dozens of joint projects in spinning, knitting, weaving and garment manufacturing annually. Nevertheless, local producers cannot satisfy the essential needs of the market and population, especially in part of textile products and their components, items of fashion and design, not produced domestically. Special demand is observed for high quality shirtings, suitings, prints, silks, woollen and linen fabrics, technical textiles, textile haberdashery and accessories, trimmings and supplies, fastening products, garments and fashion accessories, lingerie and underwear, home textiles and other textile products, not produced domestically, in terms of increasing population and its improving and diversifying preferences.

There are a number of privileges and preferences to import such products. Thus, chemicals, dyes, trimmings and supplies as well as many other components of textile manufacturing, not produced domestically are exempted from imports customs duties until January 1, 2016 according to the special Government Decree.

At the same time domestic fashion industry is being formed, strengthening Uzbekistan’s role and position as one of the leading global cultural centres. Uzbekistan annually hosts Tashkent Fashion Week, numerous domestic modelling and design schools are being successfully developed, and collections of local designers attract the great attention and interest of the professionals and amateurs of the world of fashion. At the same time numerous famous world fashion brands and fashion houses open their representative offices and boutiques in Uzbekistan’s capital.

The Exhibition is designed for:

Foreign companies – producers and traders of textile products, garments and apparel, fashion accessories, willing to enter and strengthen their position in the market of Uzbekistan and Central Asia;

Enterprises of the Central Asian region, including Uzbekistan, intending to display their best products and discover new export markets.

Exhibition sections:

  • Natural and synthetic yarn and fibre
  • Fabrics / knitted fabrics
  • Home textiles and decorations
  • Technical textiles and nonwovens
  • Raw materials and components for textile and garment industry
  • Chemicals and dyestuff for textile industry
  • Accessories, trimmings and supplies
  • Women / men / children clothes
  • Knitted wearing / hosiery
  • Lingerie and underwear
  • Sportswear and beach wear
  • Leather and fur products
  • Fashion accessories.

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