The 10th Anniversary Congress of the Leasing Industry of Russia was held in Saint-Petersburg

Uzbekistan Leasing Association, as well as representatives of JV UzbekLeasing International JSC,  JV KAMAZ ASIA LEASING LLC, Artum Leasing Group LLC took part in the 10th Anniversary Congress of the Leasing Industry of Russia, which was held on May 21, 2021 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

Organizer of this event: United Leasing Association (ULA). The United Leasing Association ( is the leading association of the leasing industry participants, whose business volume is about 80% of the official Russian leasing market. ULA members are 100 companies in the industry. ULA represents the Russian leasing market in Europe, being a member of the European Confederation of Leasing Associations (Leaseurope).

The broadcast was on-line live from St. Petersburg.

The Annual Congress is the main event of the leasing industry in Russia, during which priorities are set in solving pressing problems of leasing and directions for its further development are worked out. Also, it is an authoritative platform for the meeting of the heads of leasing companies and leasing associations of other countries, partner international organizations to obtain up-to-date information about what is going on in the industry, exchange experience, discuss the most important issues, and develop ways to solve them.

At the Congress, experts and participants of the leasing market examined and discussed in detail the following key topics: —

  • Lessonsofthecrisesandpandemicof 2020, theirimpactontheleasingindustryinRussia, Latvia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Europeancountries;
  • Sectordevelopment: operatingleasing, taxi, carsharing, constructionequipment, IT, air, seaandrivervessels, urbanpassengertransport. Subsidyprograms: Affordablerent, Preferentialcarleasing, Leasingofspecialequipment;
  • Reformofleasingactivities;
  • Whatbusinessmodelsof a leasingcompanyhavethebestprospects: universalleasingcompany, specializedleasingcompany, captiveleasingcompany, etc.;
  • Optimizationofbusinessprocessesandresourcesintheleasingsector;
  • Innovationofleasingitems, safety, autobusiness;
  • Insuranceas a toolformanagingandreducingtherisksofleasingcompanies.

The Congress was attended by over 20 speakers, 180 invited guests and 100 companies from Russia, Latvia, Belarus and Uzbekistan. The speakers of the Congress were the heads of the leading leasing companies in Russia, such as “Baltiysky Leasing” LLC, “Sberbank Leasing” JSC, “VTB Leasing” JSC, “Volvo Finance Service Vostok” LLC, “Element Leasing” LLC, “Interleasing” LLC, “Rosagroleasing” JSC, as well as representatives of the Subcommittee of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry on leasing, the United Leasing Association (ULA), the Confederation of Leasing Associations (Leaseurope), the Latvian Leasing Association, the Association of Belarusian Lessors, UzbekistanLeasing Association, the Bank of Russia, “Forward”GC, “Expert RA” JSC and others.

Chairman of Uzbekistan Leasing Association ZafarMustafaev in his presentation spoke about the current situation in the leasing market of Uzbekistan, challenges and their impact on it. During his speech, he noted that, despite the crises and pandemic, the leasing market of Uzbekistan remained afloat and continues to develop; the share of vehicles, agricultural machinery and special machinery in the leasing sector is growing; and that Islamic finance, incl. Islamic leasing is gaining more and more popularity in the country

Studying the experience of leasing development in Russia, Latvia, Belarus and European countries, government programs to support the leasing industry, automating leasing business processes, as well as determining a strategy for the development of digitalization in leasing companies, new challenges and opportunities in the leasing market of various countries — all this gives us the opportunity to predict and be prepared for new trends in the leasing market of Uzbekistan.

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