UzbekLeasing International representative attends CIS leasing session

UzbekLeasing International representative attends CIS leasing session


Saint Petersburg hosted the First Convention of Leasing Industry of Russia on 30 May — 1 June, which drew 122 representatives of Russian leasing industry, associations of leasing companies of CIS and European states, the Eurasian Economic Community, mass media, international experts and other delegates.

Uzbekistan was represented by B.Yusupov, Deputy Director General of UzbekLeasing International A.O.

The event became a platform for the discussion of the most pressing issues common for this industry. During the Convention foreign speakers introduced representatives of Russian leasing industry to international leasing practice.

The convention also hosted a session of leasing associations of the CIS countries attended by representatives of Associations of leasing companies of Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and other states. The agenda covered the discussion of the leasing legislation in CIS states, assessment of existing mechanisms of lessors’ rights protection.

Representatives of associations of leasing companies of CIS states spoke about topical issues that have arisen during the crisis in the leasing industry, ways for their solution, strategies for working in a changing economic environment.

To be noted, the report «Trends and prospects of the leasing market in Uzbekistan» delivered by B.Yusupov sparked particular interest among the participants.

Moreover, international conference «World leasing experience in Russia. Business development in current market conditions» was also held during the Convention. The discussion of the practice of leasing companies was the core of the conference program. It was held in the form of round tables for leasing companies, representing different types of companies (banking, captive and independent).

Among other issues that caused particular concern — assessment of the effectiveness of the leasing companies, leasing company management, sources of financing of leasing companies and equity cost, transparency and investment attractiveness of the leasing industry.

The audience’s attention was also paid to the discussion of the leasing industry terminology, the analysis of methodology for leasing companies ranking with a subsequent assignment of ratings to market players.

The convention gave a start to a new annual tradition. The next Second Convention of Leasing Industry of Russia will be held on 28-30 May 2012 in Saint Petersburg.

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