International Leasing Forum is an effective interactive platform

International Leasing Forum is an effective interactive platform


Sharing her opinion of the Forum, Nana Mikashavidze, General Director of Georgian TBC Leasing Company said:

— In the Forum I made a presentation on the topic “Managing the leasing business in times of crisis”. I think that this is important not only for Georgia, but for all members of the leasing sector throughout the world. During the event, I also shared my country’s experience in this area.

With regard to the current Forums, they are, of course, organized at a high level. Participants left a very good impression. Lectures and presentations were constructive and interesting. As I noted earlier, the study and sharing of experience help prevent errors in the future. At the same time, the level of knowledge of each of us increases, and we acquire new useful knowledge.


Adriana Ahchiarlyu, General Secretary of Romania’s Association of the Financial Companies said that:

— I represent the European Leasing Association — the leader in this field in Europe. In my presentation, I provided information on the quantity and quality indicators of the European leasing market. I also told the Forum participants of the results of researches in the field of leasing, which we carried out in Europe. They showed that leasing really works as a barometer — it is very sensitive to changes in the macroeconomic indicators of the economy. Thus, the evolution of the leasing industry shows the evolution of macroeconomics too. It is very important for the state to support the development of leasing sector, in particular, it is necessary to effectively manage it, because the leasing itself is quite a complex service.

In turn, such events like the Tashkent International Leasing Forum are important because they serve as a platform to exchange views, experiences and proposals on the international level. Here we also discuss the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation, which, I repeat it again — is very important.


Sharing opinion of the Forum, Arif Shafzan Bin Hassan, Head of Department for work with non-bank financial institutions of the Islamic Corporation for Private Sector Development (ICD) noted:

— The main purpose of the ICD is to support economic development of the member countries through the provision of financing to the private sector. At the same time, we in our corporation attach the great importance to promotion of further development of the leasing market in Uzbekistan. In particular, the TAIBA LEASING Company — a subsidiary of our corporation — operates in Uzbekistan. It is engaged in the financing of small and medium-sized businesses producing competitive export-oriented products.

I would like to emphasize that this Forum is an effective discussion platform for the development of leasing sector, and we are confident that the participants will receive new knowledge and experience in order to promote further development of the leasing industry in Uzbekistan.


— I participate in this kind of international forums for first time. In my opinion, these forums are important to exchange opinions with other participants from foreign countries and here you can find some new instruments to adopt for your country. And I wish to thank to organizers as everything was at high level – this is for sure – noted Dmitry Efremov, Vice-president of Association of Lessors of Russia.


— In this forum I represent Uzbek-Oman Investment Company – one of the leaders among investors in Uzbekistan. Since our first co-operation with your country we reached a lot of checkpoints and we hope that we will improve our partnership in the future. I assume that, these forums will allow investors to effectively observe the Uzbekistan for the further projects. Talking about forum, it is important to note that, among the speakers were representatives from various foreign countries. They present interesting information, and actual questions which we discuss here, significant for Oman as well – said Badar Avadx Badar Al Shanfari, General Director of Uzbek-Oman Invest Company (UzOmanCapital, Sultanate of Oman).

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