Meeting of the Uzbekistan Lessors Association

Meeting of the Uzbekistan Lessors Association


On July 20, 2017, at the International Banking and Finance Centre the meeting of the Uzbekistan Lessors Association was held dedicated to the results of the first half of year 2017. At the meeting the results of the reporting period were summed up and further tasks and priority areas for the Uzbekistan leasing market development were determined.

By the end of first half of 2017, the leasing market of the Republic 86 leasing companies, 24 of which are banks were actively engaged in leasing activities. The aggregate portfolio of leasing operations in the reporting period amounted to UZS 2,529.0 trillions. For the reporting period, the lessors have concluded almost 4,674 new leasing transactions for the total value exceeding UZS 710 billion, and this amount tends to growth.

Among the objects provided for leasing, the manufacturing equipment is leading; share in the total structure of its leasing transactions was 36%. Besides, the significant volume of transactions was related to lease of real estate — 17%, constructing — 14%, and transport vehicles- 6%.

In the period under review, the major market participants among leasing companies were: O’zagro Leasing (UZS 251.1 billion), Uzbek Leasing International AO (UZS 41.6 billion), O’zavtosanoat Leasing (UZS 40.4 billion), Trast Leasing (UZS 17.9 billion) and Taiba Leasing (UZS 14.6 billion).

Among the banks, major lessors for the reporting period were Asaka Bank (UZS 62 billion), Kapital Bank (UZS 61.7 billion), Agro Bank (UZS 34.2 billion), Ipoteka Bank (UZS 20.9 billion), Ravnaq Bank (UZS 20.4 billion).

As for the regions, in the first half of 2017, the largest share of new leasing transactions were made in Tashkent city — 38.1%, while Fergana and Tashkent Provinces took the second and third places — 9.1% and 8.0% respectively.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Banking Association, SAIPRO Information and Rating Agency, as well as officers of leasing companies and banks.

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