Meeting of the Uzbekistan Lessors Association on the results of 2017

Meeting of the Uzbekistan Lessors Association on the results of 2017


On January 26, 2018 in the building of the International Banking and Finance Center a meeting of the Uzbekistan Lessors Association was held dedicated to the results of 2017. During the meeting, the results of the reporting period were summed up and further tasks and priority directions for the development of the leasing market in our country were determined.

As a result of 2017, 46 leasing companies actively engaged in leasing activities in the republic’s leasing services market, of which 15 are banks. The total portfolio of leasing operations for the reporting period amounted at 2 trillion. 684 billion soums. During the reporting period lessors made almost 7,729 new leasing transactions, their volume was 1 trillion. 553 billion soums and has a tendency to increase.

Among the leasing objects, the technological equipment is leading, the share of which in the general structure of leasing transactions was 36.4%. Significant, as well, the volume of transactions related to the leasing of agricultural machinery — 36.1%, real estate — 15.7% and motor transport — 11.8%.


During the reporting period, the largest market participants among the leasing companies were O’zagro Leasing (475.1 billion soums), Uzbek Leasing International AO (95.8 billion soums), O’zavtosanoat Leasing ( 86.4 billion soums), Nano Leasing (45.0 billion soums), and «China Leasing Group» (24.1 billion soums).

Among the banks, the largest lessors of the reporting period were Asaka Bank (189.8 billion soums), Kapital Bank (158.0 billion soums), Ipoteka Bank (63.7 billion soums), KDB Tashkent (62.9 billion soums), Trast Bank (43.0 billion soums).

In new leasing transactions implemented during 2017, the largest share among the regions is occupied by the city of Tashkent — 35.6%, in the second and third places the Tashkent region and the Syrdarya region — 10.6% and 9.7% respectively.


Representatives of the Uzbekistan Banking Association, the Research Center «Scientific Foundations and Problems of Development of the Economy of Uzbekistan», the International Financial Corporation, as well as representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) took part in this event. The final element of this event was the presentation of representatives of such companies as the Association of International Business and Technology (AMBiT), EVERDIGM Corp. and the editor of the magazine «Enterprise Management» of the publishing house MCFER-U.

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