The International Conference on Islamic Leasing and Takaful, organized by the Center for Islamic Banking and Economics «AlHuda CIBE» in cooperation with Uzbekistan Leasing Association (ULA) started in Istanbul, Turkey on November 10, 2021.

The key goal of this event is to promote awareness and study of the possibilities of Islamic leasing and insurance, to attract international business players, investors and financial specialists for business growth, as well as to attract foreign direct investment.

Main topics discussed on the first day of the Conference: —

— Development of Islamic banking and Ijarah (Islamic leasing);

— Islamic finance: opportunities for the development of leasing in Uzbekistan;

— Potential and capabilities of Ijara and Takaful;

— New trends in Ijarah (Islamic leasing) for the development of the Islamic finance industry;

— Global overview of the takaful industry;

— Development of the Islamic finance sector using blockchain.

Currently, the interest of the population and the demand for Islamic financial products are growing rapidly both in the CIS countries and around the world. All this creates a favorable environment for the development of the segment of Islamic banking, leasing, insurance and other Islamic financial products.

The conference is a real impulse for exploring the untapped Islamic leasing market, accepting and researching the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the Islamic banking and financial industry around the world, including Uzbekistan.

As for our country, it should be noted that Uzbekistan has the potential for development in the field of attracting Islamic financial capital and improving its legislation in this direction.

Along with representatives of commercial banks, leasing companies and insurance organizations of Uzbekistan, representatives of the countries of the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia, Kenya, Pakistan, Canada, Tanzania, Tajikistan, etc. took part in the conference.

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