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The training was organized by the Lessors Association of Uzbekistan and was held on September 26-28, 2012

The training seminar consisted of two subjects: "Combating of income legalization, earned from criminal activity, and financing of terrorism in organizations providing leasing services" and "Methodology of financial management of leasing company and its reflection in the IT - system".

Employees of almost 20 leading leasing companies and commercial banks of Uzbekistan participated in this event, including JV CJSC "Uzbek Leasing International JSC", LC LLC "O'zavtosanoat-Leasing", LC LLC "Asaka-Trans-Leasing", OJSCB "Microcreditbank", OJSICB "Ipak Yuli" and others.

It should be noted that qualified specialists from different ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan and also Academician of International Academy of Leasing Kirkorova N.I. participated at this training seminar.

O. Tojibaev (Prosecutor)
S. Aliev
B. Pardaev
M. Abdurahmonov (Central Bank)
Sh. Hodjimurodov
A. Kamalov  (Ministry of Finance)
N. Husanov
B. Madumarov (Ministry of Justice)
D. Adilov
U. Nabiev (Tax Committee) Presentation
N. Kirkorova Presentation



Training Center of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the Association of Lessors of Uzbekistan organized a seminar on “Innovation and leasing in the market economy”.

The event took place on October 14, 17, 18, 19 and 20 at the Treasury of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The seminar was attended by members of the top 20 leasing companies and commercial banks of Uzbekistan, including Uzbek Leasing International IC, Uzselhozmashlizing,  Kurilish leasing LC, Uzmeliomashlizing LC, O’zavtosanoat-Leasing, Turonbank, etc.

The workshop discussed urgent issues of innovation in the leasing market of Uzbekistan and foreign experience in this area.

Abutalipov M.F Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Brizgalov S Presentation
Ibragimov A.K Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Nepomnyashih A, Shadaminova K Presentation
Sabirov O.Sh Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Presentation 4
Sahabova R.R Presentation
Takutdinnov R.R, Shoazizov S.N Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Toshmatov Sh.O Presentation
Hamidulin Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Hashimova A Presentation
Yusupova L.V, Hamrakulova D Presentation
Yusupov B.S Presentation


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