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Lessors Association’s mission is to create conditions for the development of leasing services in the Republic of Uzbekistan to ensure the effective implementation of economic reforms in the country.


Association is created and operates to coordinate business activities of the Association memebers, the realization and protection of economic rights and freedoms, representation and protection of common property and other interests, promoting the improvement of the legal framework governing leasing services to promote business development, development of activity of business entities, non-governmental organizations through introduction of leasing in their activities.

The Association also sets itself goals to satisfy professional interests, promote scientific and technical creativity, assist to protection of human life and health, environmental protection, expansion and strengthening of international cooperation, and other activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


The objectives of the Association are:

  • contribute to the improvement of the legal framework governing leasing services in the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with international standards, through participation in the drafting and discussion of legal acts related to the leasing and affecting the interests of the Association members, making appropriate proposals to public authorities and management expertise of draft laws, interact with their developers. Representing the interests of the subjects of leasing in legislative and executive bodies on the development of leasing in Uzbekistan;
  • representation of legitimate interests of its members in relations with state bodies and organizations, institutions, business entities, public associations, regardless of ownership at various levels, all subjects of administrative and civil relations on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as abroad;
  • participation in the development of socio-economic public policy regarding the development of leasing in Uzbekistan;
  • providing guidance in the creation of national and regional infrastructure, enabling the development of leasing;
  • assist in attracting investment in the leasing sector in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • assist in raising the rating of domestic products;
  • representation of subjects of leasing relations in international leasing associations and other international organizations, members of the Association in promoting the expansion of foreign economic relations;
  • international cooperation in areas corresponding to the profile of activity of the Association;
  • coordination of interaction between the Association members and unfying of activities of the Association on expression, realization, protection of their rights and legitimate interests;
  • protection of the rights and legitimate interests of its members, including against unfair competition;
  • providing to the Association members the free of charge consulting and analytical services on leasing;
  • providing training and seminars;
  • providing information for members of the Association;
  • creation of a common information base on the subjects of leasing relations in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • collecting, analyzing and disseminating information on the activities of the Association, as well as the Association members;
  • creation of a database on the various aspects and problems of leasing;
  • creation of a library on various aspects of leasing;
  • development of research and training activities on training and advanced training in various aspects of leasing in Uzbekistan;
  • scientific and practical study of the problems of development of leasing in Uzbekistan;
  • marketing research and advertising in the field of leasing to achieve the objectives of the Association;
  • organizing exhibitions, fairs for products and services of members of the Association of the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad;
  • organizing meetings, round tables, conferences, etc. on various aspects of leasing;
  • preparation and conduct of special programs and publications in the media;
  • introduction of advanced technologies and advanced management and marketing experience, know-how and etc;
  • assist in providing customers with high quality products, goods and services produced domestically.
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